*Updates and changes will occur as the project develops.


LastSub founded

Company registered under the enterprise name of LastSub PTY LTD.

Initial development started but was put on hold due to lack of funds.

GoGetFunding Fundraising

Campaign launched to raise the initial $500 000 required for the first two phases of the project.

Phase 1 (Development) + 2 (Release)

Phase 1
Early development of the project, where the first set of primary features will be added which focuses on the engagement between users and social media networks. Mobile, web browser extensions integrations and LSID system added. Public Beta testing will occur after internal Alpha testing irons out the serious bugs.

Phase 2
Official release to the public. Paid plans will be free for the first three months. Streamlining and bug squashing combined with community feedback to make sure the service is polished.

Phase 3 (Persistence)

Next batch of primary features adding content, interaction and community persistence, analytics, publishing and management systems.

Phase 4 (Management)

More features expanding on the previous phase and new team management and integrations for larger entities added.

Phase 5 (Offline mode)

Introduction to cache and view content offline without internet access. Direct advertisement reward system added.
Further streamlining system and bug squashing.

Phase 6 (Crypto)

Integrating crypto technology into the system touching on several levels as stated below.

  • Users become master nodes
  • Data encryption and security
  • Cloud storage remuneration
  • Subscription / donation alternatives

Phase 7 (Decentralized)

LastSub will be become completely decentralized, with no central server / system.

Future development

Future dated development plans.