A decentralized peer to peer social media platform which ensures your content, interactions and monetization avenues are safeguarded indefinitely on your LastSub profile but also on all your external social media accounts synced to it.

There are no dedicated servers and is entirely run by users for users. A multi blockchain system that creates its own internal network. Users who become nodes supplying system resources who in turn are remunerated for services rendered.


Ensure all content and interactions are secured which includes externally synced social media accounts.
Enabling users through monetization.
Keeping people connect to one another. No more lost followers or subscriptions.
Centralization system for all social media platforms.
User and content interactions made easier.


  • Upload, download, share and interact with content under a customizable centralized system.
  • All data is persistent and will not be lost.
  • Publish internally and externally to multiple linked SM platforms with a single click.



Create multiple persistent custom views on your LastSub home profile where you can view specific media filtered using the advanced search functions.

Users are also able to prioritize content based on content creators, remote site arrangement, views, likes and other variable fields pulled from remote social sites.


Share content through LastSub internally with other users. Additional information is attached to content, such as CC, date, location, language or LSID.
Sharing content to users on external social media platforms will only have a URL linking back to the content either on LastSub or the remote social media platform.


All content such as (pictures, videos, audio, text and files) will remain on LastSub, even if deleted, edited or updated locally on LastSub or remotely where the content was hosted.

When deleted on the remote source, LastSub will mark the content that was duplicated on our system as “remotely deleted” noting the remote source was deleted, even though it is still available on our end. Users on LastSub can still interact with the deleted content but the interactions will not replicate to the remote source where it was hosted due to the content being removed to which it was attached to. Content edited / changed remotely will replicate to our system, where you will have the most recent version showing but also a minimized drop down menu of the revisions, where users can view them as well. Editing and deleting content from our system will replicate the changes to the linked remote source. *Note when deleting on our system, the content is not deleted locally but merely moved to the content creators deleted storage with a note added “deleted locally”, and there will be an additional field you can attach a reason for doing so. Other users can still access that content before it is deleted automatically after the 12 months waiting period. As stated other users can back up any content from other users to their storage but can’t post it on their front-page, they can only use that content in their content if they request “content-fair use approval” and it is approved. *The LSID can be used as a link so other people can navigate to it. *LSID has info attached to it on the original user (being active / banned / inactive / details of original CC and the content, if it was deleted on the original CC and no longer exists, it will state that as well) *When people backup content from other users to their storage, a new LSID is created as well so they can link and their overlaying LSID which contains the original content / LSID.*Note that content will place the external source first and will only play the mirrored version hosted via LastSub if the original source is gone or the user manually chooses to view the internal source.


Set accounts to replicate their content across multiple profiles on the same remote social media platform. (AKA mirrored accounts)


Publish content across multiple linked social media networks at once.
Having a preview window showing the content for each social media platform you are posting to.


Offline feature on mobile app, web and extension to download content storing it locally on your device.
Allowing users to selectively store content of their choice to view offline through our system.
Advertisement can be cached and given ad revenue added once that device/profile connects to the internet again, as long as the advert has not expired.
Content, edits and interactions can be set to upload as soon as you have a internet connection.


Uploaded content that is locked, only view-able by the creator or given access by a shared password. This will replicated to the external media sites which allow content to be set to private, locked or password protected.


All content can be stored on a library, such as images, video, audio and several other supported media formats which can be used to post content across social media services.
This can be done directly from devices such as Android or iOS with the app integration to allow direct uploads and streaming to your storage.


Content is streamed and prioritized from the highest bandwidth source first available (usually the original external platform), after which every source is selected (based off internal rating system) as an alternative in case the original isn’t available.


Even if LastSub doesn’t support a external media service, Users can automatically create links on the front-end where their social media site is linked to.

An image snapshot will be taken of the item.
Support will be added for social media sites not supported continuously and prioritized based off interest and interaction of the users.


  • Single inbox for all interactions.
  • LSID system to allow better tracking and interacting with data and users.
  • Automation and rule creation to save time and simply your experience.



All interactions such as (messages, comments, replies, timestamps, likes and shares) will remain on our system indefinitely, even if deleted or edited locally on our system or remotely where the content was hosted.


Auto translate between all users on site. This applies to translatable content and interactions.

Users have a native language set through their profile and users interacting in a different native languages are translated automatically for them “with a note/tag/icon displaying their native language (was translated from xyz language / original xyz language)”.


Every content, interaction, community item and internal profiles have a unique ID assigned to it.

This allows users to copy / link the unique ID in comments / shares / etc which will re-direct someone who clicks on it to the profile / comment / media / content.
Users can find content, interactions or profiles that may have been renamed, changed or even deleted.


See who has replied to, tasked or marked a interaction complete with team attribution right inside the inbox.


Have a analytic page where modules can be clipped in allowing to view live stats of customizable choices on their dashboard (back-end) or on their profile (front-end) for users to see.


See social engagement, sharing / carrying conversations, map diagram displays. (see map of users sharing, and their followers sharing with branch out)


Content, interactions and Community items can be reported by all verified users.
Verified users start with a 0 REP. Users can have between -1000 to +1000 points.

Maximum of 10 points can be gained a month based of reporting on items which has breached the rules and confirmed by random admins. (Reported items can always be contested by the CC, secondly the item can still be accessed by users once acknowledge they accessing an item violating the rules while passing the requirements needed)

Posting items confirmed violating the rules.
Accounts inactive will slowly lose any reputation both positive and negative till it reaches equilibrium of 0.
Reporting falsely will cause reputation multiplied by the amount of times by repeat offences is lost, which compounds.

Reported items are looked at first based off the amount of users x their REP, severity of the offense and x amount of times the item has been accessed.


A log of who you have subscribed to, and unsubscribed from. Logs also made for who subscribed to you and unsubscribed.
Date and time stamp attached in every event.


Create inbox rules to manage interactions such as comments, messages, where you move, auto-reply, delete (spam control), auto task creation, and so forth.


Create custom groups from email addresses, cellphone numbers, followers within LastSub or on your linked social media accounts.
From these groups you are able to message, broadcasts, create group chats, email lists or other forms of group depending on the linked accounts or contact details.


  • AD revenue goes to content creators and viewers.
  • Affiliate programs where users who become nodes get remunerated for resources supplied.
  • Ability to create stores, donation streams, subscriptions, paid content, services, integrations and other revenue sources.



Paid advertisement through our system.
User watches the entire ad with a 3 second window at the end to confirm they have watched it. Ad is only available if x% of the video is watched.
CC gets 60% of the advertisement, LastSub 20% + 10%(for buyback of crypto) and the viewer(registered on our system) gets 10% of the ad revenue. This also breaks down for finder fees if anything is bought through the ad.
Users have the option set whether they want to see any adverts at all or set to only allow on specific CC they subscribe to.


Once your account is verified, you are able to setup donation buttons, Payeteron, Paypal, other forms of payment. The crypto aspect within our system will also be unlocked.


Once verified, users can subscribe to you and pay x amount a month or per content posted.


Customize your front-end page to have votes, blog posts, donations, content filtered by date / site / category and so forth.


Crypto technology will be used for different instances.

  1. Ad integration (which includes the buyback program)
  2. Storage (Data handling, encryption and alternative data remuneration)
  3. Master and child nodes to decentralize servers. (users become the servers)
  4. Payment system – used for internal payments and transfer of funds.

Set content behind a “paid content” wall. Once the payment is made or the goal has been reached the content is unlocked.


Customize your front-end page to have votes, blog posts, donations, content filtered by date / site / category and so forth.


Get stats on users who have been approved to use their content and how that reflects on users viewing that content in stats.


Find out your followers languages, age, gender, sex, including other pullable fields from their profiles.


Benchmark a large array of metrics of your competitors, which can be compared against yours either across all your social media profiles or specific.


  • Never loose subscriptions or followers.
  • Backup, restore and replicated across all your social media accounts.
  • Automate process and reactions to accounts and users.



Receive alerts based off customizable events such as content updates, interactions, account changes, demonetization, being blocked, Geo restricted, subscription changes, donations and many other API / measured variables.
Alerts can be SMSed, WhatsApped, emailed, LastSub app, web extension or through the internal message system. This can be set for live updates or specific times scheduled.


Setup options to auto re-subscribe existing subscribers on LastSub or other linked social media accounts of yours in an event the current one gets banned, restricted or even to just add them to new accounts.
Subscribers can automatically accept the re-sub or manually accept (requested updates) and this can be set per subscription.
Followers who don’t have a LastSub account will get a message sent to them on the remote social media platform. Your subscriptions will also have the same options as above where you can either automatically or manually re-subscribe to your subscriptions with adjustable filters.


Take a “content snapshot” on an external social media platform, which copies the content with all interactions at that point of time linked to it.
Option to also mirror any further updates made on it, with all revisions included.
A LSID is applied to the item mirrored from the external source.


Ghost subscription allows you to subscribe to a user on LastSub locally but you will not be subscribed to them on their external linked social media accounts.

Can set a privacy option so users don’t see your ghost subscriptions. Additional privacy options is to allow only yourself or users you ghost subbed to see that you have subbed to them.


All Community items such as (subscriptions, followers, playlists, alerts, likes, shares and watch lists) will be replicated to LastSub, which can be used to restore to existing or new accounts.

This has the same mechanics of interaction persistence.


Restore entire profiles or specific content, layouts, banners and information back to linked social media accounts.
This can be to the existing account or another account new and old.

Automatic email registration or manual can be set with the necessary procedures involved in both instances.


Users can send requests to use content from other people on the system, for xyz and the CC can approve with or without restrictions or not at all. Once approved the user who requested access will get the unique LSID of the content with the approval from the CC with the restrictions the CC imposed onto it under the approval list. From within the publishing section there will be a listing of LSID that was approved, they can attach that to their content post where the approved LSID will be linked as a approved source with all its details. The CC who approved the content will get a copy of the LSID under the approval list and to whom the approved it to with the restrictions, so they can see where it is being used. Once approved the CC can’t take back (rescind) the approval, only in extreme cases that their account was hacked. Then the hacked account once recovered will be able to request on all content during that breached time to remove consent and the people who have their approval removed have x amount of time to remove it.


Compare your different social media profiles in performance, reach, subscribers, growth / decline, % of each SMP (Social Media Platform) in your overall social media profile, etc.


Keep a audit trail, logs of user activity, files managed, deleted, uploaded and changed. And the ability to rollback changes made up to x revisions back from entire areas, specific, user based, time and so forth.


Broadcast messages to followers internally on LastSub or selectively across their linked social media accounts.
This can be set as a one time, re-occurring schedule, x amount of time before a scheduled content post or after one being posted.
Ability to add people through filters based off their social media accounts, age, sex, interactions with your content, interests and other fields pull-able from their profiles.



It’s when, not if social media accounts or data stored on them will be lost.

Users prefer different social media systems, causing a disconnect between users.

Getting unsubscribed, content removed, shadow banned, restrictions added, demonetized and moderated with little to no ability to protect from such scenarios.


No lost content, followers, subscriptions, interactions or revenue.
Restore accounts to new or existing.
Stand-alone system which runs in parallel with other platforms.

Single inbox for all interactions.
Post to all platforms at once.
Interact with content from all platforms under a unified system.

Ad revenue for CC and user.
Affiliate programs remunerating for services rendered.
Ability to create stores and unique revenue services.
Link external commerce through web and API.

Automate downloading of CIC.
Create schedules, triggers and rules.


Help us via the funding page to make this project a reality.

Even if it isn’t financially, sharing with friends or people who might be interested in this project is more than enough.



The world grid is comprised of sectors.
Each sector has a primary cluster delegating resources.
The primary cluster for each sector is determined by having the lowest ms (response time).
Additionally if that cluster goes offline or has insufficient resources to supply that sector, the next best cluster with the lowest ms besides the primary cluster will start delegating its own resources for that sector. More clusters will be assigned until that sector has enough resources allocated to it.

Is a device sharing resources which belongs to a user who is part of the affiliate program.
There is no limit to how many nodes / devices a user can share but there is a limit to the total pooled resources a user can contribute.

Storage =< 100TB
CPU =< 16 threads
Memory =< 10GB

Is made up of several hundred nodes which form a virtual server to delegate resources.

Data is encrypted, fragmented and replicated to a maintained minimum of x amount of copies across the world grid.


Head over to the Features page to take a look at the short list and mechanics which make up the system or the project development plan on the Roadmap page.